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At Daytripper Dog Training we teach you how to train your dog with game-based innovative training methods. When training is fun for both you and your dog learning is faster and a strong relationship develops. Through games, your dog will learn the concepts of focus (paying attention to you), proximity (it's rewarding being near you), calmness, confidence and much more. These concepts are invaluable in the real world whether it be walking on a loose leash, dealing with distractions, chilling in the house or coming when called. All of our classes and games are based on the science of learning theory. Learn to play. Play to learn.

Please note that prong, choke or shock collars are not permitted in our classes.

Classes are small -- pre-registration is required for all classes.



Under Ontario's current lockdown, in-person dog training is not permitted. That doesn't mean dog training has to grind to a halt.  Daytripper has been offering virtual private lessons and consultations since the first lockdown in 2020. 

We now offer an Interactive Virtual Puppy Primer.   Students will learn how to effectively socialize their puppies, even during a lockdown.  Topics include:  dealing with nipping, barking, chewing, house training, and more.  This is a games-based course that is fun for both puppies and their humans.  The course is presented in a combination of live teaching via Zoom and a private Facebook group in which additional resources and teaching videos will be posted, along with Facebook Lives.  All Zooms are recorded and available for seven days after each lesson.  The cost of this six-week course is $180 (includes tax).

Course Start Dates/Times:

Saturday, March 20 at 10:00 a.m. FULL

Saturday, April 24 at 9:30 a.m. New date!  No class May 22

How to register:  Space is limited to six puppies/handlers.  Email your completed registration form to   You will be notified if there is space in the course, then contacted regarding payment.  Your space is secured upon receipt of your registration form and payment.  No refunds three days prior to the class start date.


The Scout Hall, Upper Level, 15585 Simcoe Street, Port Perry, Ontario (FROM FALL TO SPRING)

New Location!! Valentia Church and Community Centre, 103 Elm Tree Road, Kawartha Lakes (Valentia). Port Perry residents: This location is just 20 minutes from the intersection of Simcoe and Reach Streets.  (FROM FALL TO SPRING)

Outdoors at our Boulder Street location, near Valentia (spring to fall only). Please note that during the outdoor season classes may be postponed in bad weather. Class start dates will be adjusted accordingly.  (FROM SPRING TO FALL)

Winter agility classes are taught in a riding arena between Port Perry and Seagrave, Ontario.

Private Puppy Primer

Will you soon be hearing the pitter-patter of four little furry feet in your home? Whether this is your first puppy or you've raised a puppy in this past, our in-home Puppy Primer is a great way to get started on the right foot, er, paw.  Dog training and research into canine behaviour are constantly evolving and we'll help you determine fact from fiction.  Visits are in the comfort of your home and we'll cover the basics -- housetraining, dealing with nipping and chewing, problem-solving and more. A handout is provided as part of your puppy visit. Please contact us to schedule a visit. Cost: $125.00 (includes HST) for 1.5 hours

Private Lessons

Private obedience lessons are available at one of our training locations or in your home. Lessons are tailored to you and your dog's individual needs. You can work on a specific behaviour or the basic training, it's up to you or let us help you decide. Please contact us to schedule a visit.

Behavioural Consultations

In-home behavioural consultations tailored to your individual dog are also available. Specializing in fear and leash reactivity. Contact us to discuss and for more information.


General information about all group classes

Duration: All group classes are six weeks in duration -- one lesson per week for six weeks. Unless otherwise noted, each class is 45 minutes long.

As of January 1, 2020:  $180 including HST

Registration: Our class size is very small. To secure a spot in class preregistration is required. Details about how to register can be found on the Registration page of our website.

Outdoor classes: Please note that during the outdoor season (spring to fall) classes may be postponed due to inclement weather. If that is the case, class start dates will be adjusted accordingly.

Fusion Model Teaching

A fusion/hybrid model of teaching is used in some of our courses.  Lessons are a combination of video instruction and hands-on training in class.  Students are emailed video instruction of each week's lesson to begin training their puppies/dogs before the in-person classes.  This model has proven very effective and allows us to progress training faster during the in-person classes.  A good internet connection is required.

Course Registration:

First, email a completed registration form to  You will be contacted and advised if there is space in the course you are interested in.  Upon receipt of your payment, your space in the class will be secured.  A course confirmation with information about the location, what to bring to class, first lessons and more will be emailed.

Registration Form (Word)          Registration Form (pdf)

Puppy Kinder Games -- This is the fusion course

This course is for puppies between the ages of 9 to 15 weeks on the start date of the class. Puppies must have one vaccine to participate in class. Get your puppy off on the right foot with fun, games-based training! Introducing play into your training will keep things fun for both you and your puppy. We'll also do some handling exercises to ensure your puppy is comfortable being handled. Pointers on how to prevent food bowl aggression, nipping, and jumping up will be provided. Like all of our courses, we will teach you how to train your puppy. Because our courses are games-based Life Skills 1 is also an option for puppies.  Lots of play to help develop confidence, relationship, and focus.

Course start dates/times: 

Sunday, February 28 at 9:00 a.m. (The Scout Hall, Port Perry)

Sunday, April 18 at 9:00 a.m. (Our outdoor location near Valentia)  NOTE:   This is a four-week course -- $120

If the Puppy Kinder start dates aren't good for you, see Life Skills 1 dates below. Our courses are all games based which makes them perfect for all ages of dogs. Our Life Skills 1 course is entirely suitable for young puppies.


Life Skills I -- This is a fusion course and is offered in two formats -- Interactive Virtual and In-Person.

This is a fun, games-based course that teaches concepts that will give you real-life results. Not only are games fun they're based on the science of learning. Playful behaviour has positive effects on the brain and your puppy/dog's ability to learn. During this six-week course, we'll play games to build focus, calmness, impulse control, confidence, proximity (value for being near you), recalls, and help with dogs who love to sniff. This course is suitable for all ages -- from young puppies to adult dogs.

Interactive Virtual course info:     The Interactive Virtual Life Skills 1 course is a fusion course and includes the same content as the in-person lessons.  The only difference is rather than getting together in person, we'll get together on Zoom, PLUS you will receive a recording of the lesson.  Note:  recordings are automatically deleted after seven days.

Course start dates/times:

NOTE:  This course includes an extra video lesson to be viewed before the first lesson. 

Saturday, March 20 at 11:30 a.m. (Virtual courseFULL

Sunday, April 18 at 9:00 a.m. (Our outdoor location near Valentia -- in-person) **

Sunday, April 18 at 10:10 a.m. (Our outdoor location near Valentia -- in person) **  FULL

** NOTE:  This is a four-week course -- $120


Life Skills II -- This is a fusion course

This fun games-based course is a continuation of our Life Skills I course. We'll play some more confidence-building games, build grit (does your dog currently give up easily when confronted with a challenging task?), more value for proximity (proximity helps with loose leash walking, recalls and more), calmness while others work and some recall games.   If you have a dog who likes to chase, we have some games for that, too.

Prerequisite: Our Life Skills I

Sunday, April 18 at 11:15 a.m. (Our outdoor location near Valentia -- in-person) NOTE:  This is a four-week course -- $120  FULL

Stress-Free Leash Walking

This six-week course is based on Absolute Dogs' 21 Days to Stress-Free Walks course.  Loose leash walking is a combination of engagement (with you) and disengagement (with the environment).  During this course, you and your dog will have fun playing games to build each of those concepts and stress-free leash walking.  The bonus is you and your dog will benefit from engagement and disengagement in many other areas of your dog's life.  

Prerequisite:  Our Life Skills 1 course is a prerequisite for this course.

Course Start Date/Times:



Off Leash Recall Games!

Who doesn't want off-leash reliability? Everything changes when your dog learns it's fun to be near you. This is a fun, games based course that teaches concepts for real-life results Not only are the games fun they're based on the science of learning. Playful behaviour has positive effects on the brain and your puppy/dog's ability to learn. During this six week course, we'll play lots of fun motivational games to help make reliable recalls a reality.

Course start date/times:  Back in Spring 2021

Tricks Are For Dogs -- Intro

Trick training is loads of fun but when you think about it to our dogs everything we teach is a trick. Sit, down, come and heel are tricks just as much as spin, rollover and scratch your nose. It's all a trick but some are just more fun for us and our dogs. Tricks provide mental enrichment and bonding time. When the weather outside is frightful tricks can help expend some of that pent up energy through mental engagement.

In this course, you'll learn how to teach your dog tricks such as spin, twist, bow, sleep, shake a paw, as well as some that you may not have thought of. During this six week course, we'll introduce the concept of behaviour shaping. There are no prerequisites for this course; even young puppies can participate. As with all of our group classes in order to participate dogs must be comfortable in the presence of new dogs and people.

Course start dates/times: 

New dates TBA


Agility/Sports Foundation

If you're interested in participating in a dog sport such as agility, want more focus from your dog and or just want to do something different and fun with your dog, this is the course for you. This is a fun course that will establish a foundation for dog sports by building your partnership with your dog. The exercises and games are progressive, so it's important to attend each of the six weeks and to practice between classes. Please note that this course is physical for both dogs and handlers. If you have any questions regarding the physical requirements feel free to contact us.

Prerequisites: Dogs participating in this course must have taken a Beginner Obedience course (ours or the equivalent elsewhere) as a minimum. Reasonable off-leash control is required. Dogs must not display aggression to dogs or people in order to participate in a group class.

Course start dates/times: Contact us for info

Foundation Agility II (Jumps and Tunnels)

In this course we will focus primarily on jumps and tunnels, building focus, drive and introducing handling skills.

Prerequisites: Daytripper's Agility/Sports Foundation or equivalent from another training facility. Dogs must not show any signs of aggression towards other dogs or people.

Course start dates/times: TBA


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