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At Daytripper Dog Training we believe learning should never end. A favourite quote is: "It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." John Wooden, famous basketball coach also known for his motivational quotes.

Length of time training isn't a barometer for training skill. In our opinion, striving to learn more, improve skills, being open minded to change are qualities all professionals should possess. Dog trainers are no exception and at Daytripper we continually strive to update our knowledge and skill level. This is one reason we've moved from teaching behaviours such as sit, down, heel and come to teaching concepts such as focus, proximity, calmness, confidence and more. Concepts translate well to every day life and they're fun and easy for learners, both human and canine. You can see more about that on our training pages.

Our Team

Lane White

Daytripper Dog trainingIn 1995 I joined the staff at Who's Walking Who Dog Training Centre as a head instructor and taught courses from puppy classes for the wee ones, right up to competitive agility. Since that time I have worked with literally thousands of dogs and their owner/handlers. There is no substitute for experience.

I had stumbled upon the sport of agility and in 1996 began competing with my dog, Tripper. Tripper was a little mixed bred dog acquired on a day trip, hence her name. Little did we know the journey she would take us on. Agility was the perfect sport for she and I.

After moving out of Toronto and from its inception in 2000 to its closure in 2006, I was a co-owner/operator of a dog training facility north/east of Toronto, specializing in what else? Agility! In 2007 Daytripper Dog Training opened and was named in honour of Tripper, the dog that started it all.

Tripper and I shared a special bond (see above picture). We competed and titled in Obedience (through the North American Mixed Breed Registry, NAMBR), Flyball and our true love agility. For many years Tripper was on the annual list of Top Dogs with the Agility Association of Canada (AAC). In 2005 she won her division at the Ontario Regional Agility Championships and came second at the National Agility Championships in Saskatoon, all at the age of 11. After retiring from agility Tripper began competing in Rally Obedience at the ripe old age of 13. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

In 1998 I adopted Travistee, a 12 week old Border Collie mix with huge ears. Along with our many agility titles a high point in our agility career was when we were named as alternates to the 2006 World Agility Team.

My third agility dog is Quill. She is another Border Collie mix aptly named because, as a young puppy, she was found full of porcupine quills in a farmer's field. At the time of this writing Quill is 15.5 years old, retired from agility but still playing ball every day.

Enter Neve, a Border Collie, my newest kid on the block and my current agility dog. We're working on achieving our full potential as a team and we're both are enjoying the ride!

I am a Masters Level Agility Judge with the Agility Association of Canada and have been judging since 2001. I have attended numerous workshops and seminars presented by some of the best trainer/instructors in North America, and I continue to do so to keep my skills current. I holds certificates in pet first aid, along with others in training and behaviour.

I have trained and wrangled my own and others' dogs for numerous television commercials, film and print. In addition, I have appeared on Canada AM, ROB Television and OLN and written for Dogs Dogs Dogs newspaper.


Teddy Green

Daytripper Dog TrainingIt was the early eighties when my family acquired a tri-coloured Australian Shepherd puppy named Buttons. Because we didn't understand the importance of training, family's previous dog had received no training. "Stanley", was a wonderful family pet but he did have some habits we hoped to avoid with Buttons, so we enrolled in a beginner obedience course. That was my first experience with obedience classes. At that time options were limited, so Buttons was trained using 'traditional' training methods and on a prong collar. Thankfully methods have changed over the years and when I began my dog training education in earnest, I learned that there are other, more humane, dog friendly training methods available. In 1997 I began my career as a professional dog trainer teaching for Who's Walking Who Dog Training Centre and since then have worked with literally thousands of clients and their dogs; and a vast array of different breeds.There is no substitute for experience. I have taught puppy pre-school for the wee ones right up to competitive agility. Thanks to my Sheltie, Drake, and all I learned because of him I'm particularly skilled and enjoy dealing with shy and under confident dogs.

In the summer of 2000 my husband Lane, myself and our dogs moved from Toronto to the municipality of Scugog and opened a dog training business with a partner. The facility focused on agility and offered classes, workshops and private lessons at all levels, until its closure at the end of 2006. Subsequently Daytripper Dog training moved to the south end of the Kawartha Lakes area where we now reside.

Currently I have two dogs. Deacon, a Rat Terrier, was adopted at approximately two years of age. It soon became apparent that he had a number of behaviour issues including car chasing (anything moving quickly was a potential trigger) and owner directed aggression. He is a different dog today. Paisley is a Border Terrier whom we adopted when she was 4.5 months of age. She is a delightful little dog who has totally turned me on to this breed.  She has very strong prey drive and would like nothing more than to chase birds and other critters.  We're having great success redirecting that drive through the use of concept training and games.  Over the years my dogs and I have participated in agility, rally obedience, tracking, disc and tricks.

Gone but never forgotten are Drake (pictured above), a male tri-coloured Sheltie adopted at two years of age, Newt a little black terrier mix adopted when he was approximately six months, Molly, an apricot Poodle adopted (and house trained) at 10 years of age and Pan a Rat Terrier, adopted when he was six months old. All of my dogs, past and present, have been wonderful teachers and companions and are in my heart. Always.

In addition to working with handlers and their dogs I am employed by Durham College as both a College Advisor and Professor teaching Animal Behaviour as part of the College's Animal Care program.

I hold certificates in canine behaviour, training and Pet First Aid and have attended many workshops, seminars and conferences on dog training and behaviour presented by some of North America and Europe's best known trainers, behaviour specialists and veterinarian behaviourists -- Dr. Ian Dunbar, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Pat Miller, Susan Garrett, Tracy Sklenar, Dr. Gary Landsberg, Dr. James Serpell, Carolyn Clark, Cheryl Smith, Jessica Martin, Gwen Bailey, Dr. Andrew Luescher, Sue Sternberg, Dr. Jean Dodds, Dr. Tom Mitchell, Lauren Langman and many more. On-line training has opened the door to many learning opportunities. Training methodology and research into canine behaviour evolves constantly and I strive to stay current by continuing my education in those areas.  This is, in part, what has led me to concept training which is a new innovative way of training dogs.


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