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We can't say enough about how satisfying it is to know we have helped clients and their dogs.

What our clients are saying about us!

"Thanks again, also for teaching the amazing games to us. We both learned so much and had so much fun at your classes!  We will continue to practice them and have fun playing together at home.

Ellie is such a great pup and these games have helped with her confidence and rounding out her sweet personality, as well as her relationship with Craig and I. She seems like a happy dog. As I write this, we are sitting on the front porch, listening to the rain and enjoying our coffee and she is laying on her blankie, happily chewing away on a chewie.  πŸΆπŸ€—

I have to say too, that her recall is becoming stronger everyday, since using the higher value treats that you recommended. 

Thanks for everything, we'll be in touch soon!

Cheers, Wendy & Ellie xo

"Thanks again for your help and patience today with Boomer (and with us). You gave us some good information that we will definitely use. I am excited to try some of your tips. Geoff said their walk was easier today, using treats, and your recommendations." Christine & Geoff

"It was a pleasure meeting a dog trainer that truly had an understanding and capacity to work with dogs. Nick and I both thought you were wonderful and wanted to thank you for the great advice." -- L. Ciric

"I had a great time on Sat. It was so exhilarating. You guys created a wonderful atmosphere - relaxed and fun. It made it really easy to participate and learn. Thanks a bunch for everything!" -- L. Boyd

"Thanks for the excellent session last evening. We had a great time and I'm sure you noticed that the biggest challenge for the "Sterling / Jeanette" team will be getting Jeanette to figure out what to do with her body. Sterling has agreed to be patient. He was exhausted and slept all the way home. I love the classes and I find they keep me inspired to practice." -- J. Arminio

"I felt an instant respect for both of you and your knowledge of dog training ... and tried desperately to soak it all up ... to be honest, I came home exhausted and exhilarated and wanting to live closer so I could attend weekly classes!!" -- D. Hill

"Thank you so much for our semi-private lesson tonight. You make me understand why I am making my dog do certain things and I don't even realize it. You give constructive criticism when needed and also the right amount of praise. Thanks." -- L. Lambert

"I became a student with Daytripper early 2008. I am now training with Lane and Teddy with three of my dogs. I own Australian Shepherds. This training centre is exceptionally versatile in many venues. For example: My seven year old Male is working on Obedience exercises and overcoming fear issues with people. My six year old female is working on Obedience (preparing to trial in CKC Obedience events shortly). My young two 1/2 year old female and I are both learning Agility and enjoying it very much. I plan to go in agility events next year with my young dog. The training methods used by Daytripper are "Top of the Line" and with the depth of experience between Teddy and Lane you can expect to surpass all of your expectations with your dog training whether it be for a competitive animal or just to have a well rounded pet. I breed aussies occasionally and all of my "puppy buyers" will receive an information sheet about Daytripper Dog Training." -- Mary Anne Dunbar, Oak Shores Australia Shepherds

"In fall of 2014 my mom adopted a rescued sheltie, he was not trained and had behavioural problems such as leash and non-leash reactive towards people and other dogs. Unfortunately my mom let this go for some time. This past fall of 2015 I asked our vet if she could recommend a positive reinforcement dog trainer, she said she used Teddy from Daytripper for her rescue that was found as a stray in Toronto and had behaviour problems as well. My vet put us in contact with Teddy and she came over to my mom's house for the very first lesson (I attended and have been cc'd on all their emails so I am aware of what was suggested at the in person training lesson and via email). The minute Teddy walked into the house I could tell she was a very knowledgeable trainer. She gave instructions before she arrived (i.e. putting Rhudee on leash and bringing him up after she arrived). When we brought up Rhudee to meet Teddy he barked and lunged a little but Teddy knew how to handle the situation (not looking at him, throwing treats to him, etc.) and he began to inch closer and closer so that within 5-10min he was at her feet waiting for more treats. The lesson continued with Teddy going over his history, behavioural problems, making notes for herself and us (she would later send via email). She came prepared with handouts for my mom and myself and had a few books that she suggest we read. The lesson then was taken outside where she observed my mom and Rhudee, she then made more suggestions showing us the right way of handling his outburst (not letting him get over his threshold which is key!). Throughout the entire lesson she was very positive and never judgemental. Throughout the walk everything was looked at as an opportunity for training. Teddy followed up with us and Rhudee's training via email; we asked questions, sent videos of my mom in the action of training so that Teddy could help correct her some more. Within a month people who used to comment negatively about Rhudee's behaviour noticed an immense improvement in his behaviour. My mom could keep Rhudee below his threshold and he almost never barked at people anymore. With some more training he improved his negative behaviour towards other dogs but this was still a problem area for him. Last weekend my mom had Teddy over for a second lesson so that we could improve in that area. To our amazement Rhudee didn't even bark at Teddy when she came into the house and instead just sniffed around the kitchen a bit and then sat by my feet. We reviewed the past few months, went over some key pointers and then continued the lesson outside. What I liked about this lesson is that it was like a continuation of the first lesson so that the lessons flowed. I view the lessons as 'step 1' and 'step 2.' Teddy was very happy with Rhudee's improvement from the initial lesson.

What I find unique about Teddy is that she understands the psychology of dogs and will help you to understand it too. She comes prepared with handouts, books to read and always follows up with you to see how training is going. Her methods are always positive which I truly believe is the only way to train your dog. I have had people who had trainers tell them to hit their dog with a rolled up newspaper to train them not to do something but all that does is instill more fear in them and does not get to the root of the problem. Another thing I have noticed is that because of this training the bond between Rhudee and my mom has grown. I can see he respects her more and is closer to her and they really do have a beautiful human-dog relationship. I volunteer with a rescue in Durham Region and have recommended Teddy to a number of other volunteers (and I know of a rescue in Toronto that also highly recommends her). I would 110% recommend Teddy as a dog trainer. She is very thorough, patient and knowledgeable." -- D. Dove

"He's soooo much better with his chasing cars behaviour. On Saturday, Chris and I "argued" about who was going to take out Ricky because we both wanted to! :)" -- D. Dove regarding her own dog.


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